Quick Take: Beyond the Point of No Return

Above: England has absolutely no moral responsibility to accept any of the migrants currently fleeing France, of all places. Every one of them should be returned without consideration. We are on the brink of demographic disaster.

As depressing as it is to say it, it gets to a point where simply closing the borders isn’t enough. If we haven’t already, we’ll be sure to reach it in coming months. We simply could not assimilate such a large migrant population without irreversibly altering, even losing our culture (for more information on the cultural transformations provoked by mass migration, see the example of 20th century America in my article "The Flaws of Liberal Nationalism").

When such a decision comes, the blame must firmly be placed at the feet of the left, who invited them, and conservatives, who didn’t have the courage to stop them. The revolutionary government of the future will take no responsibility for doing what must be done.

I have been thinking of the most compassionate ways to encourage non-native populations to leave. For example, barbaric ethnic practices, such as halal & kosher slaughter, and infant circumcision, should be banned. If not for multicultural dogma the English people would no doubt seek to ban them anyway.

Formal deportation is a cruelty... only non-natives who commit serious crimes should be subjected to it - with the exception of those married to natives, or of partial native descent (this should encourage the process of assimilation).

My followers know my motivations here couldn't possibly be racialistic. Skin colour isn't important - I would seek to deport my own German grandmother if she robbed a bank. And you'd hardly find a racialist actively advocating for miscegenation with ethnic minorities. My interests are purely in the preservation of the culture and of national cohesion. I do not want to see England become a rootless, bitterly divided cosmopolitan country like America or South Africa. I have seen their cities burn. I do not desire such flames to spread here.

Of course, the real hypocrite is the man who advocates closing the borders while leaving out any possibility of repatriation.