The Anti-Racialist Manifesto

This article was originally published in Bournbrook Magazine on 15th June 2020.

These are dark times. By effectively naming themselves the "Good Guys", a far-left mob has fooled the media, the police and the State into allowing them to rampage up and down the nation and destroy so much that we hold dear. Both the Daily Mail and the Daily Express, usually thought of as small-c conservative papers, have referred to those who wish to defend our history as "far-right thugs", while those who wish to destroy it are still, despite all the evidence to the contrary, called "anti-racism protestors". I’ve quite had enough of this. If the Nazis had named themselves the "Jewish Holiday Charity" would our ancestors have accepted them as benevolent? No, because they were a better calibre of men than we have proved to be; far more sceptical and adept in critical thinking.

The Brexit division is slowly reappearing over this issue; a patriotic response is beginning to formulate. But we must be very careful how we proceed. The media are already beginning to conflate us with the far-right, as they can always be relied upon to do. We must be clear and concise with our thoughts and demands.

If it works for the left, then why not us? Let’s play them at their own game. I propose an “Anti-Racialist movement” (#AntiRacialist) to confuse and frustrate those who would smear us, and I propose the following Manifesto as a rough standard of principles on which to base it:

I. Race is a pseudoscientific Victorian construct, and the division of men from men into such categories, being irreversible, useless and dehumanising, must be regarded as morally evil. Therefore, those who peddle and promote racial theories and classifications and the resultant bigotry, of both left and right, are to be denounced equally.

II. While we recognise and strongly support the need for policing, power tends to corrupt, and all instances of police brutality across all communities should be denounced and thoroughly investigated, especially for the aforementioned racialism. All involved should be prosecuted by the rule of law.

III. In a civilised, free, law-bound society, mob rule is never justified no matter how righteous the cause. It is not merely the choice but the duty of authority to suppress the mob and to never give in to its whims; else it has broken the social contract and ceased to be authority.

IV. History is sacred. Every solitary statue is a shared inheritance for the whole nation, passed down from our ancestors who preserved it for us with the expectation that we in turn would pass it onto our own descendants. We must treat it with the utmost respect and care. It is important to remember it; it is especially important to remember the persons and things we formerly venerated, so that we might learn: fads come and go, the morals of today may be the taboos of tomorrow, and humanity makes more mistakes than good decisions. If only the Soviet Union had kept its statues of Stalin; if only Broadcasting House had erected an idol of Jimmy Saville. It may arguably be permissible for certain statues to be transported, especially to museums, but their destruction or desecration must be regarded as an intentional blotching of our collective memory, and therefore both suspect and immoral. However, even in the case of transportation, it is a slippery slope to politicise history, especially when historical heroes such as Horatio Nelson and Robert Baden-Powell still hold a place in the hearts of many Englishmen. The voices of these people, especially local people, while not as loud as that of the mob, must be taken into account.

V. Context is important.

VI. If it's despicable to irrationally hate another country and its people, then how much more so it is to hate one's own - to sneer at one's own countrymen for an irreversible characteristic. Therefore we regard xenophobia and treacherous oikophobia as equally worthy of contempt.

VII. All this being said, we recognise the so-called Black Lives Matter movement as a violent, fanatical, quasi-religious, iconoclastic, puritanical, revolutionary, oikophobic, racialist sect; an enemy of England and broader Western civilisation alike; that parasitises the deaths of African-Americans in order to advance its tribalistic, far-left agenda. In the interests of social harmony and the survival of both nation and civilisation, it must be combated at every turn, and never kowtowed to.