Quick Take: Johnsonian Toryism

Boris Johnson’s Tories are an ideological abomination. Riding on the back of patriotic small-c conservative voters, they’re trying to build a neoliberal cosmopolitan technocracy with huge public spending and huge state power. Tory “pragmatism” at its most schizophrenic.

I joined the Tories in December because I hoped the small-c conservatism of their new working class, Brexiteer voters would rub off on them. Instead the Tory hierarchs have simply dealt with this demographic through bribery. I do wonder how long this rootless, materialist Toryism can last.

Which is worse, ultimately, for the nation? A principled party with a flawed ideology, or a parasitical party that will say and do anything for anyone, so long as it can stay in office? This is the choice the poor British public are asked to make at every election.