Official name change

Hi everyone,

After almost two years of being "Fidei Defensor", I've decided, not without some melancholy, to change the name of this blog to simply my name, "Dominic Crannis".

Why the blog was called "Fidei Defensor" in the first place no doubt would have confused some of our newer followers. You see, when I first began blogging in 2017, I mainly discussed such lofty subjects as history, politics, religion, philosophy, et cetera. "Fidei Defensor", a title of the British monarch, first adopted by Henry VIII, meaning "Defender of the Faith", at the time perfectly represented this subject matter. However, since then I have moved into reviewing popular media, and the name "Fidei Defensor" has become outdated. Not only this, but I would like to make my business feel more personal, and by using my real name I hope to achieve this.

Therefore the blog's domain name has been changed from to